Intelligent Races


There are four intelligent races native to the world: the dragons, the humans, the dwarves, and the goblins.
In addition, there are the Fey and demons who come from outside the world

Humans are the dominant race in Augusta by far.
There are fewer Dwarves, but they are on good terms with the humans.
The dragons are numerous in Borea, but only a few individuals have been seen in Augusta over the past several hundred years.
The goblin population is in constant flux. Every few decades, a population explosion occurs, and results in the goblin hordes spilling out and
attacking human and dwarven lands, until they are beaten back to the mountains.

The Fey are strange creatures from the ethereal plane. Not much is known about their numbers or purposes, but they keep to the forests when on the
Material plane.
The demons are powerful beings from the infernal plane, and are usually only encountered in the world by wizards through
magical means.

Intelligent Races

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