In this world magic, while well-known, is actually encountered rarely by your average person. Each of the three human cities has a Tower run by the
“Fraternity of Wizards”, which is open
to all humans with magical talent if they wish to study it. Outside of its academic study in the Fraternity Towers, the arcane magics most people see
are simple quality of life enchantments. However, both within the Towers and scattered in the countryside, there are certainly some human
wizards with great power. Some occasionally do fall prey to dealings with demons, but the resultant undead and curses and the like are usually cleaned up
by the
Fraternity. Some say that some ancient ruins of the Old Empire lie still undiscovered that hold magical treasures from a bygone age.

The dwarves mostly employ magic to power machines in their mountain mines and halls, and imbue their handiwork with runes of power.

What magic the goblins seem capable of mastering is largely confined to crudely destructive applications.

The dragons, by contrast, are the masters of magic ancient and alien. Some say that it was the dragons who first taught magic to men, and many of the
mighty spells of the old human empire were written and cast in the Draconic language. Some also say that it was the humans’ missuse of this power that
brought the terrifying wrath of the dragons down on the Old Empire millenia ago.

The magic of the Fey, like the Fey themselves, is not well understood, but witnesses have recounted magical displays of breath-taking beauty and power,
as well as seemingly pointless and cruel displays of mischief and violence.

The demons use their own unique magic, which is said to revolve around pacts and bargains of power given and received, and blood. Necromancy and the Undead
are also the result of infernal magic.


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