The Gods


There are four divine beings and they each correspond to an element:

Earth: the god of strength and permanence
Water: the goddess oflife and healing
Air: the goddess of knowledge and magic
Fire: the god of destruction and change

All the gods are morally “neutral” and revered by all the intelligent races, although some tend to be more benevolent than others:
the earth god is most revered by the dwarves,
the water goddess is most revered by the humans,
the air goddess is most revered by the dragons,
and the fire god is most revered by the goblins.

The fey are strange and their worship customs and morality are unknown.
The demons, when dealt with by wizards, are almost always destructive and dangerous, although they have been known to grant great power (at great cost)

Most human villages have a single church where all four gods are worshipped to an extent, but the water goddess most of all.

The Gods

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