The Player Characters


The village, at the advice of Enkilan, has convened a meeting. Enkilan reveals there is a mission of critical importance that must be undertaken. The
decides to send three promising individuals on this quest: the apprentice cleric, the son of the village blacksmith, and the appentice of Enkilan.

The cleric is the apprentice cleric of the village church. He is well liked by the village and excells at dealing with people. In addition to the
divine power he has learned to call forth, he has had some training in the village militia.

The warrior is the son of the village blacksmith. He is one of the bravest and most capable combatants in the militia, and is also adept at smithcraft,
including traps and locks and other mechanical contraptions.

Enkilan’s apprentice has studied under the wizard for ten years, and shows great promise as a wizard and alchemist. Enkilan has also taught him much about
the world outside the village, and the apprentice looks forward to experiencing it firsthand.

The Player Characters

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