The Player Character's Home


The player characters come from a small human village called Windhill. Peaceful and quiet, Windhill is built on a hill which
is surrounded by rich farmland, and is between a
large forest on one side and a range of several large mountains on the other side. Streams run down from the mountains to become
a river that runs by Windhill and waters the farms. The forest is close enough that expeditions are periodically sent for game animals
and timber, and the mountains are close enough that there is occasional trade with a dwarven colony. The humans mostly trade foodstuffs, and the
dwarves mostly trade raw ore and worked metal. Life in Windhill has been good for the past 36 years, since the last goblin horde.

The village is run by a mayor, who is nominally elected, but the office has passed from father to son in the village’s richest family for the past
100 years because no one else ever runs for office. The current mayor is a fair man, and most people are content to just go about their
daily business.The village keeps a militia comprised of the able-bodied men, mostly to simply maintain order and put out fires, although the occasional
gang of bandits
or strange creatures from the Forest need to be driven off.

Windhill is home to a somewhat famous old wizard, Enkilan. In his youth he was an active member of the Fraternity of Wizards, but long ago moved to
the peace and quiet of Windhill. Enkilan’s power was instrumental in protecting Windhill during the last goblin horde, 36 years ago. He has a single
apprentice, who lives with him in the village. Recently, Enkilan has been troubled by the things he sees in his scrying, and the village
has heard disconcerting rumors of troubled times ahead.

The Player Character's Home

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